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04 March 2013 @ 03:13 am

This iPhone lj app is a pain in my ass. This is not a real entry, just trying to get rid of the accidental draft I created and don't know how to delete!

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01 August 2003 @ 04:17 pm
This Journal Is Friends Only

+ Comment to be added. If you do not comment, there is a good chance that I will ignore you without even meaning to.

+ We don't have to have a whole lot in common but we have to get along or I'll end up removing you. This isn't unreasonable.
Curiosity is not a good enough reason to add me otherwise I would not have a friends only journal. If you found me through an interest search, take a little time to speak to me. One mutual interest is not a good enough reason to add anyone to a friends list. This isn't myspace and I won't help you attain countless people for the look of it.

+ I won't add you if you're under 18 or haven't got your age stated in your profile anymore. I'm not trying to befriend children.

+ View source for layout credits

I ask that you please remove me from your friends list if this is the only entry of mine that you can see. Clearly we're not mutually friended and it clutters my list.